How to make money with affiliate marketing

Now that we know that affiliate marketing is, let’s go deeper – how to make actual money in this niche. As we know from before, there are many verticals in affiliate marketing finance, dating and many more. The first thing You should do, is to research which vertical is the best for You – it’s no secret that based on the vertical, the commissions (Your cut from a successful sale) differ. Just like the commissions are different, the detail and ways to target and advertise each vertical differ too, so it is important that You choose a vertical You’re interested in or you know about. We`re experts in the finance vertical and the advice from our managers is based on many successful years in this business, so if You hear some advice, it’s worth listening to that.

The Basics

Once You have decided which way to go, time to create a website! Judging by the vertical You have chosen, research and see what already works – take a close look at the sites that are already up and running, advertising Your chosen vertical. In finance it is important to give your clients a choice – usually it means comparing the offers You advertise. These are called comparing sites, but of course You can do it differently too – here You can try different approaches and ideas, there are no limits to Your creativity. As a network that strives for greatness, GoodAff now has a feature that lets You use a ready-for-work template anyone can easily download and use to make money – we will learn more about that in the next blog post.

Generating traffic

When You have cleared the first steps, it is time to drive traffic to Your website. Just like there are multiple verticals, there are also multiple ways to attract paid traffic to Your landing page. It is vital to target the audience correctly, because You don`t want to spend funds on traffic that does not convert into sales, right? So, knowing the chosen vertical You can target the audience the best, because not all products and services have the same target audience. One of the most common ways to generate traffic is through search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and others. This may not be the cheapest way to go, but search engines have the most features when it comes to targeting. Social networks are also big players and offer many methods to choose the audience for Your ads – Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and many more.

There are also ways to generate traffic for free, but it means putting in more time and energy – You can create a SEO (search engine optimization) page where clients visit the page organically – if Your page is ranked well, it might as well be shown right after the Ads on these search engines. Also You can just contact people Yourself, offering them to visit the page in hopes that they need the product or service You advertise. Let`s face it – this takes a lot of time and the possibility of a sale is much lower than with paid traffic, but it is a method that gives a chance to start working without a budget.

The final part of the cycle – getting paid for the work You put in

Having a vertical, a webpage and the source for Your traffic sorted, it is time to reap the goods of Your work – commissions. Each of the product/service You advertise has the unique link. It means that once there are clicks (traffic) going to Your partners, You will see it on Your GoodAff account. The higher the quality of the traffic, the bigger the chance to get a sale – this also reflects how well the audience has been targeted. Just like the clicks You see, You will also see the approved commissions (successful sales) from the traffic You generated. 

Thanks to the digital age we live in, there are many ways and possibilities to learn anything about this or any other niche, giving everyone an equal chance to enter this business – no matter where You are, no matter how old You are, the difference maker is how much You want to succeed.